Friday, May 2, 2008

molasses tofu and roasted vegetable couscous with harissa

molasses is awesome! delicious and nutritionally dense, it is full of iron and calcium. i really don't use it enough. 

i know vegetable couscous is one of those entrees at a restaurant you were begrudgingly dragged to that is the only vegan option, but i'm pretty successful at managing to avoid those scenarios PLUS this couscous has roasted PURPLE cauliflower in it. yum.

-cut tofu into rectangles
-marinade tofu for at least 30 minutes in 1/4 c tamari or soy sauce and 1 tbl blackstrap molas
-make a spice combination of thyme, sage, garlic powder, and a little salt and pepper. 
-roll the marinaded tofu in the spice mixture and put on grill (or in pan or oven, but grill is best)
-cook until heated through

-choose vegetables ( i chose eggplant, purple cauliflower, carrots and onions)
-heat oven to 400
-spray pan with oil, put veggies on pan, spray them with oil, and slightly season with salt and pepper. 
-let them cook for about 40 minutes.
-cook couscous
-toss together! 

i got my harissa recipe here