Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the costs of factory farming

from the washington post: "Factory farming takes a big, hidden toll on human health and the environment, is undermining rural America's economic stability and fails to provide the humane treatment of livestock increasingly demanded by American consumers, concludes an independent, 2 1/2 -year analysis that calls for major changes in the way corporate agriculture produces meat, milk and eggs."

also: "In calling for a 10-year phaseout of intensive confinement systems such as gestation crates for pigs and so-called battery cages for chickens, the commission adds impetus to recent commitments from some corporate operators to drop, gradually, those controversial practices."

many national newspapers are running stories on this 2 and half year study from the pew commission. it certainly makes the california ban (on the ballot in novemebr) on battery cages, veal and gestation creates seem modest at best. but what can we do about it RIGHT now? go vegan, of course.