Sunday, April 27, 2008

first post!

i'm stephanie. i'm a second year law student avoiding studying. i love food, vegan cooking, and occasionally making unnecessary fancy meals. sometimes i rely too much on cookbooks and not on my own recipes. sometimes i make things that aren't good. and i often take bad pictures (see below). 


plum cup pies (pies in a muffin pan)

despite this, my love for cooking and subsequently taking pictures and my obsession with other blogs drove me to create a blog of my own! sometimes i will post about food, recipes, other times i will post about other stuff.

also, i'm very health conscious, so regular day meals i often attempt to minimize fat, avoid processed food and avoid sugar. but other times i don't! 


Jenny K said...

How do you make your quiche?

I tried one from SusanV's fat free vegan kitchen and kinda gagged a little.

I look forward to reading your blog (I saw your post in vegrecipes on lj)

vegandenovo said...
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vegandenovo said...

I actually just used this recipe:

The crust is really good! Let me know what you think.