Thursday, July 17, 2008


ok, so my blog occassionally fails at the collective vegan goal of proving to the world that vegans dont only eat salad. but i LOVE salads! and these two were excellent:

1. sesame apricot salad
sweet snap peas
apricot baked tofu (below, cooled)
chopped carrot
sliced apricot
halved grape tomatoes 
diced avocado
your choice of greens
apricot sesame dressing (below)
-throw it all together! 

apricot baked tofu
2 tbl apricot preserves
1 tsp agave nectar
1/4 cup of soy sauce
splash of water
12 oz firm tofu
-preheat oven to 350
-combine all ingredients aside from tofu and mix well
-dice tofu in cubes and put in oven safe dish
-cover tofu with marinade 
-cover dish and bake for 30 minutes

apricot sesame dressing
take the remainder of the marinade and add:
1/4 cup of brown rice vinegar (or mirin)
-1 tsp of sesame oil
-1 tbl of sesame seeds
shake it all up!

2. rockin' moroccan tomato salad

my boyfriend made this delicious salad all by himself. a critical ingredient in this salad is a tomato, green pepper moroccan salad that my boyfriend's aunt's mother makes. "nene" was a moroccan beauty queen in her day. 

nene's salad is made with canned whole pealed tomatoes, olive oil (a lot of olive oil) and some delicious seasoning. so yes! i do not know even how to make ALL of this salad, but thought i would share the picture and concept anyway. the liquid of this salad works as a salad dressing. im sure some sort of mediterranean tomato salad would work as well. i also think red grapes would work well instead of blackberries and the addition of kalamata olives would be fantastic. 

mixed spring greens
diced red onion
diced cucumber
halved grape tomatoes
smoked tempeh (from this post)
canned artichoke hearts
tomato salad
-toss together! 


Paulina said...

Oh my gosh - both salads look and sound too good to be true!

Pink Theory said...

I love salads and those look so pretty and tasty. I especially like the looks of that one with blackberries!

jessy said...

wow! these are so beautiful and tasty looking! they sound amazing, too! i'm going to have to try these salads out - they look too awesome not to! :D

Katie said...

I love salads too! Your varieties look delicious.

Sanja said...

Those salads are so creative! Most of the time I make salads the way people probably think vegans eat salads...

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Shia said...

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Anonymous said...

Great looking salads! Thanks!